Xtreme View

Xtremeview designs a manufacture a range of high-end digital Video&audio solutions for the professional market. Xtremeview’s devices are used for wireless, ultra-low latency, broadcasting in a variety of applications ranging from a camera man working in the field and need to be free from cables to drone operators that need a solid device to transfer and capture real time input.

Intended mainly for outdoor platforms, Xtremeview came to FIT with a need to create a miniature and durable broadcasting device that could withstand harsh usage while being miniature, easy to maintain and simple to operate.

The most critical issue was the heat generated by the extremely powerful components. Our design methodology was always about looking at problems and turning them to the solution, thus, we chose to extenuate the heat-sink and turn it to the lead design feature. Hard anodized, heat treated, aircraft grade aluminum was chosen as the material for its heat deposition and ruggedness qualities.


Xtreme View




Research, Product Strategy, Concept, UX, Shaping, Mechanical development,
Plastic Design, Production File

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