THEIA – Augmented Reality Glasses

“Theia” Glasses are see-thru, augmented reality smart glasses that enable the user to see virtual objects in full size and integrated to the real surroundings as seen by the user. The glasses enable true stereoscopic 3-dimensional (3D) effect fixed to real life, creating a real and virtual integrated scenario.

The system is hands-free format, and enables communication via voice commands, a touch panel and gesture control.

The Theia eco-system is completely independent (smartphone free) and features all the components built-in on the glasses including tracking, cameras, audio, communication devices and others.

Theia came to FIT with a need to create together the vision for the future of augmented reality glasses. Based on an actual components list but with no hardware size limitations – simply to fly!

Our starting point for this project was to conceptualize the augmented reality glasses for 2019. We tried to create the right mix between a regular pair of spectacles and something that will still feel like the most advanced technology out there.

We used clean lines in our design alongside a few accents and focal points. The cameras and sensors location mimic elements from traditional spectacles design. Bone conduction speakers allows you to receive vocal inputs without sharing them with your environment. The use of natural, regenerating wood such as bamboo with the light weight magnesium alloy, reinforced the concept.

Upgradable hardware components were part of the customizable vision – In the same manner that you can create your own reality with the glasses capabilities you should also be given the opportunity to control the hardware specification according to your needs.


Imagine Mobile AR




Research, Product Strategy, Concept, UX, Shaping, Mechanical development,
Plastic Design, Production File

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