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mce Systems is a Telco Integration & Technology company that provides consulting, a technology platform and system integration services (C&SI). MCE’s system offers a full range of mobile care solution for mobile operators and retail channels and turns points-of-sale into Mobile Care Expert Zones, focusing on repair avoidance and unique services that dramatically increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and generate new revenue sources (device migration, automated device diagnostics and more).​

The MCD platform provides business process management solutions for all mobile customer touch points (In-Store, On-Device, Web, Call-Center and Logistics Center).

MCE is rapidly expanding its global operations and now operates in over 30 countries with some of the world’s largest mobile carriers including: Sprint, Vodafone, Telefonica, Bell, Telstra, Rogers, Telus and many others.

mce came to FIT with a need to create their new Mobile Care Expert Zone device. The design had to take inyo consideration many challenges such as being operational in a demanding retail environment, being able to connect to every device and various cable types. The process had to incorporate both custom and off the shelf components.

We started by defining a clear shape that any service representative could operate and understand without any difficulty. One of the main demands and challenges was to keep the design almost anonymous but still desirable. By defining the representative main user scenario, we sharpened the shape in a way that wouldprevent any human errors such as connecting the cable to the wrong socket.​

After all of the design elements were set in place, we moved onto the mechanical design. In order for this product, which was defined by the client to be produced in tens of thousands, to be simple, not only in shape but also on the production line, we designed snap fittings and other various mechanical features. The result was an easy, time saving assembly.






Research, Product Strategy, Concept, UX, Shaping, Mechanical development,
Plastic Design, Production File

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