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to scale your business

Our unique toolkit is tailored to generate value at every step of the way. We rise with you, side by side, from initial idea to mass production.

Research and Strategy

Creating a product is very similar to being in a relationship. First, we must become experts by studying your field inside and out. Together we define your desires, dreams and wishes. But the most important role of the research is making sure those wishes are aligned with those of your customer.

Using these insights we are able to deliver a solid growth strategy.

  • Product territory
  • Business model benchmark
  • Product benchmark
  • UI/UX benchmark
  • Usage environment
  • User/human behavior
  • Usage scenarios
  • Interface characterization
  • Mechanical characterization
  • Potential production methods
  • Potential design languages
  • Field observations
  • Potential user interviews
  • Customer segmentation
  • Value proposition

Not just a catchphrase. User experience is what makes people say COOOOLLLL about your product. We pave the yellow brick road for the user to walk on. Embedded with many smile driving, jaw dropping surprises, and without getting irritated by “false promises”. Don’t be surprised when vowels is all you hear from your users instead of words.

  • Vision storytelling
  • Usage scenario
  • Interface mapping
  • Context definition
  • Concept disruption
  • GUI design
  • Packaging design
  • Adaptive approach development
  • Prototypes and POC’s
  • Unified physical and digital approach
  • Customer relationship

If your customer don’t want to “get in bed” with your new product something is very, VERY, wrong. Your product should have an amazing appearance, sensual curves and a very accurate selection of color, material and finish. It doesn’t matter if your client is a 16 year old girl or a top notch physician, people crave for products that defines them the way they wish to be perceived. We achieve it by creating a mass of illustration in various ways, from hand drawn sketches to tangible working prototypes.

  • Hand sketching and rendering
  • Hand sculpted mockups and models
  • Computer rendering
  • 3D modeling
  • Computer generated visuals
  • In house 3d printed models
  • Ergonomics
  • User Testing
  • CMF benchmark and samples

Because an amazing looking product by itself is not enough. We utilize our experience in both design and mechanical development from the beginning of the process to create a solid, cost effective and ready for production products. We specialize in several production methods, with an emphasis on design for plastic injection, metal die casting and cnc milling.

  • Configuration development
  • POC
  • In house 3d printing
  • Testing rigs
  • CAD
  • Production evaluation
  • BOM reduction
  • Electronic design support
  • Integration
  • User Testing
  • Design for manufacturing

We’ve already done it. From basic, in-house, prototyping to overseeing the production of a million units, plastic injection molds. Understanding the critical points of production is key in delivering a great product in terms of quality, cost and time. Our long lasting, intimate, relationship with multiple production experts and manufacturers is what enable us to deliver excellence.

  • Detailed production drawings
  • Assembly instructions and animation
  • Material selection
  • Manufacturer sourcing
  • Production negotiation
  • Production support and management
  • QA

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